Foss and I used to send each other video messages, and I happened to stumble upon this, which is a collaboration of my strangest moments in the videos I sent to Foss, which Foss put together. You can see it below as well. whoop.
I gief you teh Toramix:


Foss said...

"This video is no longer available"


Tora said...

You are teh noob.

I just uploaded it, and it shows now.

You are teh one stalking my blog and reading it before it's done! :D

Audun said...

that was pretty cool!

Foss said...

You are teh noob.

I'm subscribed through RSS. You are teh one that updated it before it was updated! :D

Tora said...

alright alright. I give in.

I am quite the noob.

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