Today it was significantly colder than it has been previously this week. The ground was all sparkly with little crystals of ice, and a young man tripped and fell in front of the gas station. He literally rolled over and landed on his face.

I had coffee this morning, so I laughed - naturally.

Anyway. The frost had spread twirling roses of ice on the trashcans by the porch, and all the cars were covered in frost too. It is one thing to see the stars when you wake up, because it is early when you wake up. But it is something completely different to actually see the stars when you leave the house, because it is supposed to be late by then. It was ten to eight though, so it was quite early.

Some trees still have leaves on them, and the forecast predict no snow for Christmas.
So much for living in flipping Snoreway!


Sigrid said...

Jah. I Bergen har det nå altså regnet i strekk - altså kontinuerlig - siden den 12. oktober.

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