It is not new to any of you reader(s?) that I am quite a harebrain. In the morning I like to pretend like I am going to be teleported to a colder and more primitive dimension any minute. So if I was to suddenly be torn off the surface of this earth and plant my feet on alien grounds - what would I like to wear?

It is a natural thing to do anyway, when you have a cold room and you're going to work or to school, you do dress quickly anyway. But of course the "quick-I-have-school-waiting" rapid-dressing is less interesting and exciting than pretending to be on the very brink of embarking on an adventure. Socks, underwear, they come on first, a bit of perfume maybe, a top, jeans, a jumper, brushed hair, a bit of eyeliner maybe, some jewellery to trade myself out of slavery with. Rings, a bit of rouge, shoes, scarf and hairspray. If I am preparing myself for the sensation of cross-dimension teleporting I am sure I'll be ready for any day in this dull country, so though it is fucked up beyond reason and recognition - it is still sensible. It makes sense, it's not completely useless.

You can say I am paranoid in other ways too, I look over my shoulder, I look over my shoulder again, I speed up slightly, I keep tossing glances over my shoulder, I really start to pick up a stressful pace, I continue to look behind me and shortly after I'm running. Only a few minutes later I'll be gasping for breath and have eyes the size of licence-plates. Do not fret though, to be deranged is a tough job, and somebody's gotta do it. I am not the only nutcase in town, and you wont be seeing me tread on drains.


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