I've tried!

But the new google-blogging it denying me to get my drawn header up, it's refusing to admit that I ever had one up there - ever. And it will not let me go back to the original kind of blogging.
I do like these labels and all the structures, the haste, ease and elegance of the new google-way of blogging, but I wish it would not be so incredibly stubborn all the time.

In other news, I've hid my conditioner because my sister is coming home (it's a Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hair Conditioner) and now I don't seem to find it! Well, I guess since I can't, neither can she. So it's all good really, as long as I can retrieve it when xmas is over, something which is quite unlikely - but at least she will not have put her grubby hands on it!

When helping a man out at work, he was buying knives, he asked me a question about the box-set, and I make a thinking-expression - naturally. And he laughed at me! I do know that my facial-expressions can be amusing, but he laughed! I could answer the question of course. yes yes.

Today I'm going to go visit my grandmother at the hospital, I made her a nice card.


Audun said...

I walked past the store when you were working, waiting for my train.

You had the "paying-attention-to-customer" expression on your face, aka, staring intently on the person, with your mouth halfway open.

Tora said...


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