Aaaah I'm bleeding from my face!

This morning, on my way to school - or, on my way out of my room, through the attic. I came near this steel beam that was leaned up against the chimney. And I didn't realize what it was, so I turned around to face it, and then it fell on my forehead.

And I didn't have time to be wounded, so I moved that ruddy beam to prevent it from ever smacking me in the face again, but as I was climbing down the ladder I felt a stream of something heavy drizzling down my face.

Oh... And I looked in the mirror, and it looked like a horror-movie, and I thought: Maybe I should take a picture? But my camera was not nearby, and I guess the idea in itself was kind of morbid.

So I had to run to the bathroom and wash my face, and then plaster it up quickly, as I had to get my ass to school.

The good thing is that I have this cut in my forhead, and people have quite some respect for wounds in the face, so if I get tired of my schmonkingly dull media-teacher (with the gruesome, brain scraping accent) I will tell her I am in pain, and I will go home. I should've just stayed home, I guess. But here I am!

So, you want me to teach you about criminology, love?

Yours, Slush-brain


Foss said...

I, too, was bleeding from my face this morning. Nothing as exotic as your injury, however. I just cut myself shaving, like a shaking retard trying to tattoo a beard on with a knife. Duuuh!

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