Soup Crimp

Soup, Soup - a tasty soup, soup
A spicy carrot and coriander, chili chowder!

Crouton, crouton - crunchy bread in a liqid broth
I am gaspachio - uh! I am a summersoup - mm!

Miso, miso - fighting in the Dojo
Miso, miso - oriental prince in the land of soup!

Crimping is the art of simultaneous rhyming, ordinarily performed by two people. It can resemble a song, but often has the rhythm of a poem. One is allowed to dance to it, and the tone and use of ones voice is the most important effect.

It has been proven that a four-man crimp is possible, but not easy!

Let me see you make a crimp!


Foss said...

In the latest series they had a crimp-off against some Boosh-a-like wannabes. It was FUCKING AWESOME-OH!

Jean-claude Jaquettie, with his jacket on!
Jean-claude Jaquettie, with his jacket off!

Tora said...

I know! I is seen it on The Tubeyou. I liked the finale!

And Jean-claude Jaquettie is awesome.

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