I'm back again!

Yay! :(

Now I want to go travelling, anyone keen on a visitor?
I don't smoke, like dogs - but have a hard time communicating with cats.

Apart from that - I'm great! And fun!

How have you been? I got a hoodie that says "Merton College, Oxford" on it. It's hot!


Smylexx said...

How was your trip to the moon?

Did you bring cheese?

Did a cow jump over it while you were there?

Did you buy me a Clanger?

Tora said...

How could I possibly bring you a clanger?

I had my ship loaded with cheddar cheese! So yes, as an answer to one of the questions I got LOTS of cheese, and Starbursts and lager and sainsbury's tortilla wraps and a Harry Potter Cake Mix.

I did see a cow, but on the other hand this could've been one of the locals. And either way I am not fair to recall whether it was jumping or not.

And I positively thought that clanger was not an item? Am I wrong? WHaaa!!

Tora said...

and I missed you.

Smylexx said...

Sniffle... i... snifffff... missed you too... snifffity-sniffle!

Foss said...

Welcome the FUCK back! :D

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