What happened on tuesday

As I came running like a rocket, like a peanutbutter-fuelled spinster, this small midget character stops me in the very middle of my stride, and looks at me.

And he nods all midgety and cheesy at me, and I don't know what to say.

He inspects me with his tiny little guinea pig eyes, and then go:
"Come on, you brassy shrew, get in my hamper."

It had been quite a long time since I was ordered into a hamper, must've been yonks:

so I need a moment to think, and I say to him:
"Easy now, linty little man-cherry".

But as I wait I realize that he has the face of a toffee-licked bickie, and in the end his greasy tache makes my knees go weak.

And I stumble over the little midget, and he screams and waves with his stumpy little arms while he flail his short feet.

But it was too late, I could feel him get squeezed down into the asphalt like an outchewed piece of gum, and I am too confused to do anything about it.

When I finally get up, he looks like a small, purple poptart. All curdly and crumbly, like he was never moist at all.

That is when I remember: Oh! The lobsters! And I rush off towards the mountains again.


Audun said...

Yes, that's how I feel about it too. And the lack of green in the circles is just wrong.

I dreamed I could do magic stuff last night. Subtle magic, like making someone's toast suddenly become very hot, or make the tram be red instead of blue.

Tora said...

Oh I would love to do that. That sounds like a wonderful dream!

Audun said...

Yes, I was so disappointed when I woke up.

Smylexx said...

Apparently a few nights ago i rose from my slumber, casually squeezed over 'ms. smylexxia' and muttered 'ewww i dont feel well' before rushing off to a quiet room to be ill...then i slinked back to bed, casually squeezing past 'ms smylexxia' again and started my 34th dream about otters. I don't remember any of this and what's scarier is that dolphins don't even sleep! Ever!

And that, my little horned-helmet wearing lady, is a FACT!

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