Flonch is the fleshy pink meat that can be seperated from the inside of old speakers. If you have been using your speakers for a very long time you can flip the backside open with something sharp and leave the speakers under humid, moist conditions for a couple of days.

The result will be small, perky cakes of a stringy, salty meat that has gathered on the inside of the sound-ommophones. Sound-ommophones are obviously the little spanish electrodes that can read CD's and Mp3s and sing the contents out loud to you exactly as they are written.

Flonch is commonly misconcepted for being dead Sound-ommophones, or dead Sound-ommophone babies, which could seem like a logical explanation to the appearance of flonch. Though flonch is actually particles of sound that have over the years been unable to get out of the speakers - you may call it the bits of music that are written off by Darwin. The little sounds that were never allowed to shout it out to you. The reason why flonch is more apparent after remaining in a humid environment is that music is made from water. Why else do you think pirates and sailors are famous for singing, and not ninjas?

When confronted with its actual watery form, the flonch incarnates as slushy, spongy, ear-coloured meat and looses its ability to sound. It is very nice with scallops and lemon, or baked potatoes.

Flonch is also known as

1. Being positive or desirable in nature.
2.Having the qualities that are good or distinguishing in a particular thing.
3.Serving the desired purpose or end.
4.In good condition.
5.Superior to the average.
6.Of high quality.

"We had some flonch news from the hospital."

"That band were flonch!"
Source: urbandictionary.com


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