KingoftheWhale234 says: oooooooooooh - whhaaaxxxx -- oohhh iiiieeeyyhhhhh!
Syruplicker says: I couldn't agree more
KingoftheWhale234 says: it just had to be said
KingoftheWhale234 says: ever since we spoke last
KingoftheWhale234 says: it's been in the air

Syruplickersays: I'm glad you finally said it
KingoftheWhale234 says: well one of us would have to
Syruplicker says: something had to be done because the tension was just unbearable
KingoftheWhale234 says: i know, it felt like being rubbed between two dinosaurs on a treadmill
KingoftheWhale234 says: but with less perspiration

Syruplicker says: striking metaphore. it's exactly how I feel. and dinosaurs don't brush their teeth
Syruplicker says: something to think about
KingoftheWhale234 says: yeah... That's deep
KingoftheWhale234 says: I mean. You nailed it

Syruplicker says: philosophy is something I've always had a knack for, especially when it comes to dinosaurs
KingoftheWhale234 says: wow, yeah, you have a degree in it?
KingoftheWhale234 says: i know you can do master grade on dinosaur psychology, metaphores and business towels
KingoftheWhale234 says: with a sub-degree on philosophy

Syruplicker says: it came as a course in my Studies in Tension Reducing Conversations of Things that Need to be Said
Syruplicker says: I did consider the dino psychology but I didn't have the work cred
KingoftheWhale234 says: ahh, too bad. But seems like you've got the basics covered anyway, though
KingoftheWhale234 says: I'm impressed by the way, you really did TRCTNS?

Syruplicker says: but how far is a man going to get on the basics? I mean, a couple of small herbivores... maybe... but when it comes to the carnivores, they're gonna go for someone much more qualified
Syruplicker says: yeah I did TRCTNS but it was at SODP and not at SODAP so it's not the same
KingoftheWhale234 says: I heard you had to spend nineteen hours on a banana plane with a spatula up your downstairs mixer and listen to a staged conversation between amateur performing arts students...
KingoftheWhale234 says: aha, alright
KingoftheWhale234 says: what is the difference between those two, anyway? I never really got it...

Syruplicker says: I guess it really boils down to whether you put on your left sock first, or your right one. It's the entrance test, and I just couldn't get it right
KingoftheWhale234 says: naw, bollocks
KingoftheWhale234 says: i put my left sock on first
KingoftheWhale234 says: what's the correct answer?

Syruplicker says: it was a trick question. I should have known the kind of people that frequent TRCTNS generally wear sandals without socks - or have wooden legs
Syruplicker says: Looks like we're both more SODP kind of people. /snub SODAP
KingoftheWhale234 says: :(
KingoftheWhale234 says: well, maybe it just isn't meant to be

Syruplicker says: we mustn't strive to live outside our worldly boundaries... you and I, we were meant for other things. Far beyond the scope of tension reducing conversations
KingoftheWhale234 says: oh, I know!
KingoftheWhale234 says: yoghurt-wrestling
KingoftheWhale234says: chocolate-cheese fondue vodka body-shots

Syruplicker says: yes, yes! excellent! these things embody the true meaning of life!
KingoftheWhale234 says: of OUR life!
Syruplicker says: amen!


Audun said...

Bunny ears! And you're accusing me of having a hat fetish!

Audun said...

oh, and Syruplicker sounds a bit...dodgy. That might just be me though

Mab said...

I feel so used. Whored out to the media! Like a tool, a useless object meant purely for the entertainment of others, the brainless masses! The fame! The fans! The fortune! I.. I like it

Tora said...

That is why I asked you which one you preferred. Though if you do hate the fame - go on, I will tear it off like the skin of a tender cow.

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