Don't worry, chicks & lads

It's definately a choice. Nobody should be allowed to force a baby on you.

I just really feel like this needs to be said at the moment. The whole internet is full of "Pro-lifers". What? Like the parents' don't have a life. (Well they obviously don't - but you know what I mean, if you first go smack - no way back).


Audun said...

Who's forcing babies on people?

And who's the no-lifers?

Are you having an abortion, because you don't have any friends?
Because your mum doesn't have any friends?
Because your friends doesn't have any mums?

I R confused

Tora said...

Conservative people.

No-lifers? I don't know. Many of them.

Er. No.
Er. No.
and No.

Yes, you are confused. But I don't know why.

Mab said...

I am pro choice too. But you make the choice when you decide to have sex at the risk of creating freaky babies. Hence, abortion = irresponsible.

But let's not go there, 'cause nobody here is gonna agree with me :)

Audun said...

I was raised to believe that abortion is wrong, so I like it when people decide to keep the baby.

On the other hand, I understand that some people don't feel ready to have a child all of a sudden. It's a big responsibility. As you said, no one has the right or duty to have babies, but the baby should have a right to get some good parents.

Use a love glove!

Tora said...

Well you can't always be held responsible for getting pregnant. If girls don't have the right to get free abortion, they may be forced to carry a child after being raped! Imagine that!

The point is that nobody should be allowed to judge you for taking choices that is for the best for a potential baby.

A life in misery and pain may be better than no life at all. But it is not responsible - to use your word, to let a child be born into abuse.

Mab said...

Well, it's never all black and white. There's a couple of situations where abortion makes more sense than others. The majority, however, happens after situations where you know you could get pregnant, and then bail out when it happens.

That's not something to encourage, in my opinion. Additionally, it may be better than no life at all, but it also may not be. There's no way to tell. And then there's the whole 'it's a life' thing...

Just sayin'

Audun said...

I believe that people should be allowed to abort if they decide so themselves. No one should be able to force them to do it, and no one should deny them to do it.

I think the tricky part is if the father wants to keep the baby, and the mother wants to have an abortion. Or the other way around.

The girl is the one who has to do all the hard work obviously, but it IS the boy's child too, so he should be allowed to have his say.

I'm discussing modern life ethics with a Dutch hobo and a girl dressed up as a rabbit. How about that.

Foss said...

The girl doesn't have to do all the hard work! Sure, she has to give birth to the thing, but there are plenty of options after that. I know of many situations wherein the father has become solely responsible for the upbringing of the child. If the mother does look after the child, there are shitloads of agencies with the sole purpose of helping people in that situation. Then there's the possibility of adoption.

In the UK most abortions happen before 12 weeks of pregnancy. After 12 weeks it's extremely difficult to do, and after 24 weeks it's illegal. Also, Two doctors must decide that there is a risk to the physical or mental health of the mother or baby before they'll give consent for the abortion to happen.

Every single argument needs careful consideration, and there are pros and cons to each branch of the hideous twisted pro-life/pro-choice tree.

Personally, I totally agree with the UK laws on abortion so I guess you could count me as pro-choice. I don't like the idea of abortion at all, but sometimes it's a necessary evil.

Just like Country & Western.

Tora said...

The laws on abortion is stricter in Norway, which I agree to.

What annoys me about pro-life discussions is the judgmental attitude towards women that choose to abort their baby. Which technically isn't even a baby, it is a potential living organism with no concept of will or mind whatsoever. it is more like a cell.

Think of all the potential life being wasted through masturbation, still this is considered a good thing - even though this could be babies too.

I know that there's an obvious difference, because a baby has not been concieved yet, but the idea of killing someone- or something is equally far-fetched.

Audun said...

Think of all the potential life being wasted through masturbation, still this is considered a good thing - even though this could be babies too.

We are all genocidal wankers. That is awesome :)

(I presume women are genocidal bleeders)

Ah sorry, I meant all the hard work of being pregnant-ish. I just sorta thought that's the kind of thing the father can't take over.

And yes, some people are very judging against people deciding on abortion. I think the Holy Bible is part of the standard view on things here. There are some passages that are usually interpreted as to that you are yourself already from the moment you are conceived.

A more modern, scientific belief would probably be along the lines of your interpretation of things, a brain-free organism made up of a few lumps of flesh and bone are doubtful to have any more life than a pig, cow or gnome.

I must say I agree with the latter, as long as a good system exists for avoiding late abortions etc.


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