Stoke on Trent

Today I had a customer which was an elder gentleman. He was purchasing two Wedgwood Edme pasta plates and he was standing with them in his hand, looking a little lost. So, being the good saleswoman* I am: I asked him if he needed any help.

He looked at me and said: "Well unless I wouldn't have to pay for these, I do".

I smiled and said: "I'm sure you could've run away with them without me noticing".

- "If you did notice, would you run after me?" he then asked.

I felt a little confused and replied: "No I probably would've called security".

- "What would I have had to take to make you run after me?".

And I was like, wtf, what kind of question is that? To make sure he didn't think he'd beaten me I said "You would've had to have taken my lunch".

He then made polite remarks about Edme, and asked me if I knew where it was made. And I took a wild shot at Stoke on Trent (which is a district in England, if you didn't already know this. That I already knew as the capital of British porcelain). And I was right, so he was impressed. He then disappeared, and I didn't understand anything.
* salesviking, salesgirl, salesperson, salesmander, salessamueljackson


Foss said...

The guy was paying you a compliment. Didn't you see that? :)

Audun said...

Indeed. I think he was awesome

mischief said...

Wow! Stoke on Trent is the capital of Porcelain!? I didn't know that! Will you marry me?

Sigrid said...

Lekkert bilde av Edme, i grunn. Og det er ikke værst å få til.

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