Thoughts of a Viking Exclusive Blinkie Selection '08


erhm. Yes. This is an appeal to my reader(s). I don't know if you exist,

but mum - hi, could you..? Just... Please vote.
I'm trying to decide which of the following blinkies deserve a spot on my sidebar, and seeing they're all amazing - I obviously need your help! Thank you!

1. Skittles:

2. Spongebob:

3. Watermelon:

4. Red Wine:

5. Pie:

6. Life:

7. Geek:

8. Frog:

9. Ducky:

10. Advice:

I think you should vote for the ones that suit my blog best.


Audun said...

Damn it, I thought the title said "Exlusive Bikini Selection".
And then I saw the "Skittles", "Spongebob" and "Watermelon" tags and things really got interesting.

Mab said...

I'd like to see a skittles bikini. 1 Skittle per nipple. Yes, yes!

I ended up voting wine. It was the right thing to do

Calu said...

I got to vote twice (i Cheat often)..

But seriously, i say take 2 or even 3! just get that horid dance one away from there..

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