That does feel right nice and clean. Nothing like having a nice and straight blog again.

Are you alright? You don't look too well. Have you had any of that odd-moss, belly shrimp? You know you are not supposed to eat those, they are for entertainment only, you know.

I think I'm bursting with creative energy - I could make a film, or take two thousand photos, and I've already written a fair bit and drawn a big drawing and taped all my other drawings to the walls and the ceiling. It's as if I'm having some kind of an overload and it's mightily difficult to handle. I even burnt a new CD with The Wombats, and all kinds of other stuff. Don't know where to start, maybe I should just go to bed and see if I'll wake up the same way I fall asleep.

Actually I don't know anyone who does that. Well sometimes my sister wake up drunk, but then she usually haven't slept for very long. Maybe I should write down all the things I did in 2007! Yeah!


That's a horrible idea, I'd rather die of the squats than having to realize that I haven't really done anything during the past 12 months of my life. Well. During 2007 I went to some kickass concerts and then I went abroad - yeah, but a part from that there's actually not much to write about.

It's nearly due for me to decide what school I'm going to, like college or university, that kind of a decision. Haven't even decided what country I want to study in. What should I educate myself as? Maybe I'll be a fireman, or in the police, maybe I'll be an author, or a cake. Difficult, yeah, maybe I'll be glowing like neon and bake fantastic cakes, listen to amazing electronica and eat things that glitter while wearing big, soft dresses and drawing big paintings of fun things. That's what I want to do, what kind of career is that? Does anyone know? Do you know?

Do you mind?

I'm trying to have a conversati.. a monosation - are you not listening?


Audun said...

I probably can't help you finding out what YOU want to do, but you do have a lot of skills, and loads of creativity, so I'm sure you'll come up with something. And you can be very stubborn, which means you can accomplish pretty much anything you want. Just take your time, you have loads of it. Work for a year, or just apply to whatever seems the most interesting/the least dull. And then if it sucks, just quit it! :)

Jeg liker tegningen, schprøere enn kjeks.

Foss said...

Like jamboree-face here says, you are highly skilled and very creative, and when you fully put your mind to something you'll achieve it.

Apply yourself, woman! I know you can do it!


Anonymous said...

Godt nyttår Tora!! Håper du likte Ask-genseren... grønn jul i Trondheim, bare is, og vind. Du kan jo alltids flytte til Trondheim. (Vi bare jager Stinky på dør, så er hybelen ledig til høsten..)
Tante Bister

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