Dear inactive readers.

I know I read my own blog obsessively several times a day and periodically quite excessively, which can be embarrasing. But it is because I take knowledge from seeing how I fail or succeed on expressing myself with a foreign language, not because I am so content with my own scribblings that I simply can't get enough of myself.
Well, that is at least not the case every day.

I can write about very random things in this blog and then go off and forget it - to then return again, read it and be tenuously amused by it. Obviously, this messes up my visitor counter - so the numbers are highly affected by my own numerous visits during the day, or during a layout-update or after posting something with several pictures that is strenuous to edit.

Something which I know also though; is that every month I get the sporadic, infrequent visit of "The inactive reader".

That, my dear tentative spectator- is you.

Now-now, I really hate you.

You are like a sting, or a pain that has left no mark - so I can feel it, but can't prove it to anyone! "I fell on the moon, and I scraped my knee!" - Well there is no way I can show that to you now, can I? - No. And that is your fault.

You just bounce in here like an obnoxious, thankless poodle - and you scroll around, smile narrow-eyed at the hit-counter and then cackle manically as you click refresh again. And you are as annoying and indecipherable as a venereal disease picked up by a hairy sailor in Singapore. It was pleasurable enough to have you join, but it's really disturbing to try to find out who (or what) you are!

So my humble, curious, unhinged mind pitifully begs you to leave me a little comment, or a biscuit. Or some proof for that you were here, even though you actually hate me, and read it only so that you can hate me some more - but that's alright, isn't it? I can hate you too, I even think I did earlier in this very post!

PS: Haha, why, yes! People often mistake me for a mole!! Wow, can't believe you noticed!


Audun said...

Haj 2 U

Foss said...

I won't appear on this crazy "hit-counter". I use RSS feeds, hokus-pokus and jiggery-pokery to view your interblogs.

Also, that picture scares me.

Calu said...

Im on your blogz, ruining your counterz

Mab said...

I use RSS feeds as well to secretly scan your blog for updates. But then if there is one, I just go to your blog and read it there instead >< I am the retarded kid of the internet

Smylexx said...

Can i help it if i have slippery wet flippers? It's not my fault that i make multiple visits here accidentally. Please don't banish me!

Mum said...

Omg. Why did ya all respond! -.-

Tora said...

Because I told them to!
Now! Mum! Get back in the cupboard!!

Thomas Ledger said...

I suppose you're talking to me :(

I bumped into your blog maybe a year ago when I was googling a job-related topic (I can't remember what it was).

My apologies for never commenting, but my office computer doesn't display the word verification thing, which makes things a bit tricky.

But today I am visiting my brother, and I suddenly remembered your blog when I was checking the train times. So here's my post!

(No, I'm not related to the late actor)

gnatius said...

It's my first time into your blog which makes me a heavily inactive reader. I fell in here randomly using http://play.blogger.com/ but i'm subscribing. Greetings from Lima, Peru

Replica said...

All right then. Hai2u.

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